Mary & Dan ~ Renew Their Vows at The Hyatt Regency Maui

How sweet are these two…

After 2o years together, Mary and Dan came to Maui to renew their vows at the Hyatt Regency Resort.  They stayed in the exact same room as their honeymoon and ate at the exact same table for dinner.  Too cute!!

This is what makes me absolutely love this what I do.  Just look at how she smiles when she is with him.

vow renewal rings, flowers and musician

mary and dan entering for their vow renewal

vow renewal at the hyatt regency maui

husband and wife exchanging leis at the hyatt regency maui

couple kissing

champagne toast at the hyatt regency

husband and wife at the hyatt regency maui

married couple snuggling on maui


Photography by Chelsea

Coordination by Brittany of Hyatt Regency Resort

Officiated by Pia Aluli

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