Sailing to Lanai on The Trilogy

It was a great day on board the Trilogy… We spent the day capturing moments between three families as they explored the island of Lanai.  Meeting at the doc at Lahaina Harbor at 6:30 boarding the Trilogy for a day on the water and Lanai.  We saw dolphins and whales and ate all day long!  The food and crew were amazing.

family cruising on the trilogy in the morning

coffee and cinnamon rolls about the trilogy on maui

couple laughing while sailing to lanai

snorkel lessons and water fun with the trilogy crew on lanai

snorkelers on lanai maui hawaii

snorkeling on lanai

couple playing on the beach in lanai

couple enjoying lanai tide pools maui hawaii

couple sits in a tide pool with the four season lanai in the background

woman dipping her feet in a hawaiian tide pool

couple at Puu Pehe lanai maui hawaii

couple sitting on blanket at the beach in lanai

young couple enjoying the beach in maui hawaii


trilogy crew preparing chicken and stir fry on lanai

trilogy lunch on lanai

couple sitting on the trilogy sailing back to maui

bartending aboard the trilogy

trilogy crew raising the sails

couple laughing on a sailboat in maui

Photography by Cassie

Assisted by Jesse

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